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New Motor Installation Services

Another important component of your garage door is the motor unit. It allows your garage door to function smoothly with the help of the spring. When your garage motor unit is faulty your garage door will not open irrespective of how many times you press the remote control. If you garage door won’t open because of a bad motor unit, then you have to contact us at NY Allerton garage door repairs for excellent and trustworthy replacement. We are the right company for your new motor installation because of our dedicated and skilled technicians who are all certified in replacing motor units.

When you trust us with the replacement of your garage door motor unit we reciprocate that trust by giving you the best when it comes to service delivery. This eliminates the stress and frustration people experience when trying to fix it by themselves or when they offer such delicate jobs to uncertified technicians. After our magic touch, your garage door will be functioning as a new door. Besides installing the new motor unit, our technicians carefully inspect your garage door for a weak or broken spring not identified by you and we fix it at the same sitting.

If you are ever tired of using a manual garage or you want to replace a broken motor unit, always to contact us at Allerton garage door repairs and we will be at your home within 15 minutes.

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